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Just Playin' - Color B - Reservation and PART 1

Just Playin' - Color B - Reservation and PART 1

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This Kit contains instructions and materials for Part 1 (2 Blocks), and RESERVES the border & binding fabrics needed to complete the Quilt.

The border & binding instructions and materials will be shipped with Part 9.

Just Playin' is an original Tyjo's Mystery Quilt designed to be sewn 2 blocks at a time. There are 9 Parts (containing 2 Blocks each) plus the finishing border. Every Block is different and is made from approx 30 different fabrics.

Just Playin' measures 53 1/2" x 60 1/2" when completed with an "organized scrappy" look. Some blocks are simple to sew while others will be a little more challenging.

Questions? Just contact Sherry at tyjos@tyjos.com with any questions on construction. Shipping charges for Part 1-8 will be less than the website suggests - the difference will be refunded to you.