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Sulky 12wt cotton

Sulky 12wt 100% cotton thread, now on a petite 50yd snap-end spool in a 6 pack.

"Sulky Petites™ Cotton Thread is the handiest handwork thread because it is easier, faster and more fun than floss! Since one strand of Sulky 12 wt. Petites Cotton Thread is equivalent to two strands of floss, there are huge benefits to you: (1) You no longer have to separate floss (2) There is no tangling (3) You can cut any length you want, and (4) With the snap-end spool, storage is tidy with no loss of color identity.  Check out this blog post on Hand Embroidery Made Easy - using Sticky Fabri-Solvy and Sulky Petites - it will change your life!"

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