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 Tilda's Pie in the Sky now in stock!

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Prices shown are for 1/2 meters (not yards - 10% more fabric!!) 

100% Cotton Print Pie in the Sky Collection by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger. 

"Growing up, I always heard I was an incorrigible daydreamer, never in the moment, my head constantly in the clouds. My mind would wander from the classroom into a world of shapes and colors, completely forgetting where I was. Constantly drawing and building things, often several hours going by, without me being aware of it.

This collection is a sweet and colorful nod to children like me who struggle with dyslexia and cope by creating alternative, creative worlds full of ideas – hence the collection name, Pie in the Sky. By being patient and continuing to create, you will eventually find your place in the world."

- Tone Finnanger

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